DOWAN® 10 Inch/2 Quart Porcelain Pasta/Salad Serving Bowls- 2 Packs, Shallow, White

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$ 30.99
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Serving bowl is an important component in any serving selection. Whether you're serving up a fresh tossed salad or a bright summery side, this large shallow serving bowl will be a power player when it comes to entertaining in the kitchen! All in white color, they can easily coordinate with your other dinnerware or tableware, while at the same time showcasing the originally beautiful look of your food!
• Made of FDA approved porcelain (LEAD FREE), safe and healthy;
• Stackable to save cupboard space, while easy coordinate with your other dinnerware;
• Microwave, oven, freezer and dishwasher safe;
• 60 OZ, fits 4-6 servings of food(depend on the food). Great for everyday fruit, cereal, pasta, hot meat, spaghetti, salad, etc.;
• 30-day break-and-chip warranty.
ALL BONE CHINA, PORCELAIN AND STONEWARE CAN BE BROKEN and care should be taken in handling. DOWAN® tableware items are dishwasher safe. While washing them in the dishwasher, please load the items to avoid bumping against other items during cycle.
• DO NOT use on direct heating source, such as stovetop, open flames, etc.
• AVOID sudden temperature changes.
• DO NOT heat an empty item or heat a small amount of food in a large dish in a microwave oven. It may become too hot to handle, crack or break.
• DO NOT overheat oil or butter in microwave. Use minimum amount of cooking time.
• DO NOT use or repair any item that is chipped, cracked, or severely scratched. Damaged items may break or shatter without warning.
• DO NOT abuse by dropping or hitting against a hard object.

DOWAN® 10 Inch/2 Quart Porcelain Pasta/Salad Serving Bowls- 2 Packs, Shallow, White

DOWAN® 10 Inch/2 Quart Porcelain Pasta/Salad Serving Bowls- 2 Packs, Shallow, White

DOWAN® porcelain, AB-grade porcelain verified by quality inspection authority, is high fired at 1323℃ to achieve excellent toughness, strength, and translucence. Dense porcelain blocks moisture absorption to prevent cracking, crazing and rippling, perfectly suited for daily dining, serving, entertaining, gifting and more.
The smooth, impermeable glaze on the surface resists staining and easily releases food, making cleanup a breeze.
Designed for modern day living, DOWAN® porcelain tableware is “oven-to-table”, microwave, and dishwasher safe. Because it resists stains and odors, it’s ideal for storing foods in the refrigerator or freezer.
Why choose porcelain?
Unlike wood and plastic, porcelain does not absorb bacteria or smells, ensuring food tastes fresh and crisp. While compared with stainless steel, porcelain is strong and feels comfortable and warm, never denting or deforming.

Q:I'm assuming you only get 2 bowls? Seems pricey for only 2.

A:Yes, 2 very good quality bowls.
Tracy    2017-08-24

A:Yes, only two bowls but they are large and can be used as serving bowls, they are heavy and nice quality.
Amazon Customer    2018-03-15

Q:I like big porcelain bowls,but always received cracked ones.Is the package is strong enough yo ensure I can get it in perfect condition?

A:The packaging of the DOWAN bowls was excellent. They were packed tightly in a small padded box and then put into a larger box with lots of padding for a snug fit.
Melody W. Dickson    2017-06-26

A:Mine came shielded quite I would say yes.
ornerythang    2017-08-15

Q:Someone mentioned the bowls being heavy. The description says 6lbs for weight of pkg. Does anyone know how much a bowl weighs?

A:My kitchen scale shows one bowl weights 2 lbs 4 oz. I don't consider them uncomfortably heavy.
Ben Lee Mason Jr    2017-08-22

A:The gross weight of this package is 6 lbs. One bowl weighs 2.25lbs. Hope the answer will be helpful for you. 
DOWANHOME SELLER    2017-08-21

Q:Looking for bowls for main dish salads and grain bowls. Will these work well?

A:size would be issue with this bowl is its weight. between weight and size it's difficult for me to use. that said - i'm 71 and have essential tremors which ad to my difficulty.
LNB    2018-04-15


Amazon Customer

Beautiful! Will buy more! Beautiful! I will be ordering more from this company. I was very impressed with the triple box packing and the quality of the dishes. The company states that their porcelain is grade A/B and at this point I'm very happy with the product. I hope they will last much longer than all my past stoneware sets have.

2018-01-17         Reply (0)


Beautiful large, porcelain bowls! Omgoodness!!! These bowls are huge! They are smooth, and shiny, and if you hold them up to the light, you can see your hand through them...which proves they are porcelain, and not stoneware. I bought the two of them for individual pasta bowls for my husband, and myself. They will be perfect for my husband, who is a big eater, but they are too large for a normal eater. Lol! They are perfect for side dishes, or a big bowl of popcorn. They are beautiful!!! I am so happy i ordered them! I will update, after using them for a couple weeks.

2017-08-10         Reply (0)

chantel cougar

Perfect pasta or salad bowl. Plan to purchase more! I was looking for pasta/salad bowls - wide shallow bowls without the large flat outer rim - and these are perfect for that but I've actually found myself using them for most meals since most meals I cook don't require a knife (salads, scrambled eggs, mac & cheese, coined kielbasa with onions + pepper, etc.). I wouldn't use these for something that requires aggressive cutting like a whole piece of steak, chicken, etc. as it would be awkward given the bowls ledge. They're also great to use when a table isn't available because food can't slide off like it would on a plate. I'll probably order more so I can use one to serve/display with as well: fruits/veggies, cookies, muffins, etc. Quality: Great. They appear to be porcelain, are a good weight and are even. They're a nice bright white. I hand wash all my dishes since I don't have a dishwasher and they've been easy to clean. Packaging: Packaging was secure. The two bowls arrived in perfect condition, no breaks or chips. They look exactly as pictured.

2018-04-18         Reply (0)

Amazon Customer

Just Beautiful!!! Received these fantastic, solid, creative and classic bowels yesterday. They are such a great surprise. The photos do not do them justice. Already ate, dishwashed and used again in less than 24 hours. Getting ready to buy two more sets. No need to look past Dowan.

2017-12-12         Reply (0)

Geetar Don

Beautiful, versatile bowls. Beautiful, versatile bowls. Good for serving, displaying fruit, or for pasta, salads, etc. Appear to have a durable, good quality finish. Would definately buy more pieces from this manufacturer in the future.

2018-05-27         Reply (0)


Great High-Quality Bowls. Superb! Good size. Attractive. Wonderful quality. Packed to arrive safely. Really, everything I'd hoped for!

2017-09-24         Reply (0)


Bowls are very large...I bought these for serving pasta... individually... they are huge! Too big for individual pasta bowls, but great for a main pasta bowl or a fruit bowl. Good quality, even though they are made in China.

2017-09-12         Reply (0)

Bella Bella

classic design. Nice size but a bit heavier than I expected.

2017-12-16         Reply (0)

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