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DOWAN® 9.7-inch Porcelain Serving Platters/Plates - Set of 4, White
DOWAN® 9.7-inch Porcelain Serving Platters/Plates - Set of 4, White
DOWAN® 9.7-inch Porcelain Serving Platters/Plates - Set of 4, White
DOWAN® 9.7-inch Porcelain Serving Platters/Plates - Set of 4, White
DOWAN® 9.7-inch Porcelain Serving Platters/Plates - Set of 4, White
DOWAN® 9.7-inch Porcelain Serving Platters/Plates - Set of 4, White
DOWAN® 9.7-inch Porcelain Serving Platters/Plates - Set of 4, White

DOWAN® 9.7-inch Porcelain Serving Platters/Plates - Set of 4, White

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No matter you are looking for a beautiful and decent plate to serve your delicious creations to your friends and family, or want to add a touch of elegance in your dinner table or party, go directly get the 9.7"x5.4" rectangular platter set now, which will bring an upgraded new look to your kitchen! All in white, easy matching with your other dinnerware or tableware!
• Made of FDA approved porcelain (LEAD FREE), safe and healthy;
• Stackable to save cupboard space, while easy coordinate with your other dinnerware;
• Microwave, oven, freezer and dishwasher safe;
• 9.7-inch, good size for dessert, fruit dip, snack, appetizers, raw veggies, sushi, cupcakes, assorted cheese, desserts and any other goodies you want;
• 30-day break-and-chip warranty.
ALL BONE CHINA, PORCELAIN AND STONEWARE CAN BE BROKEN and care should be taken in handling. DOWAN® tableware items are dishwasher safe. While washing them in the dishwasher, please load the items to avoid bumping against other items during cycle.
• DO NOT use on direct heating source, such as stovetop, open flames, etc.
• AVOID sudden temperature changes.
• DO NOT heat an empty item or heat a small amount of food in a large dish in a microwave oven. It may become too hot to handle, crack or break.
• DO NOT overheat oil or butter in microwave. Use minimum amount of cooking time.
• DO NOT use or repair any item that is chipped, cracked, or severely scratched. Damaged items may break or shatter without warning.
• DO NOT abuse by dropping or hitting against a hard object.

DOWAN® 9.7-inch Porcelain Serving Platters/Plates - Set of 4, White

DOWAN® 9.7-inch Porcelain Serving Platters/Plates - Set of 4, White

DOWAN® porcelain, AB-grade porcelain verified by quality inspection authority, is high fired at 1317℃ to achieve excellent toughness, strength, and translucence. Dense porcelain blocks moisture absorption to prevent cracking, crazing and rippling, perfectly suited for daily dining, serving, entertaining, gifting and more.
The smooth, impermeable glaze on the surface resists staining and easily releases food, making cleanup a breeze.
Designed for modern day living, DOWAN® porcelain tableware is “oven-to-table”, microwave, and dishwasher safe. Because it resists stains and odors, it’s ideal for storing foods in the refrigerator or freezer.
Why choose porcelain?
Unlike wood and plastic, porcelain does not absorb bacteria or smells, ensuring food tastes fresh and crisp. While compared with stainless steel, porcelain is strong and feels comfortable and warm, never denting or deforming.

Q:What are the dimensions of the flat area in the middle of the 9.7 inch size?

A:7 5/8 x 3 3/8 exactly. Hope this helps.
Molly M, Smith    2017-06-11

Q:How many plates come in the box?

A:There are 4 plates in the box.
E. Vega    2017-10-16

Q:Where is this made?

S C    2017-07-02

Q:Are these platters easy to use and easy to wash?Do this plates stain easily?

A:We wash in dishwasher, or by hand sometimes. They have not shown any stains, we have used with balsamic vinegar, curries, etc.
Josh    2017-06-13

A:They are dishwasher and microwave safe. I have yet to have any stains. However I use them for display purposes more so than serving purposes.
kylie    2017-06-13

Q:What oven temperature are the plates safe to?

A:Hello. It is safe to over 800 degrees celsius! But please don't put it into oven immediately after taking out of fridge or freezer.
DOWANHOME SELLER    2017-03-16

Q:Are these heavy or light weight? I need light weight for elderly mother. Thank you.

A:Individually they are not very heavy. Together they are. 
Kristy C    2018-03-19

A:not corelle, but not very heavy.
Amazon Customer    2018-03-21



Too heavy. I love them but not as I expected.

2018-10-01         Reply (0)

Vince ken

Nice pick. Loved it great quality but they were short but I was still able to work with it. Its heavy.

2018-07-09         Reply (0)


Five Stars. good product no defects and the correct size. Dishwasher safe.

2018-04-13         Reply (0)


Five Stars. great for soup and sandwich, sushi, small salad, bread and a dip (with the Dowan square ramekins). Great quality.

2018-06-08         Reply (0)


Great for any kitchen- especially useful for fried items like bacon. These are really nice trays. I am using them put things on when I am cooking. I fry a little bit of bacon and this size is perfect for the pieces to drain on a towel. Also, I put fried okra on it. It is much better than the old aluminum pie pans I was using...and looks very professional, too. They have a little weight to them, but that keeps them from flipping/flinging away too easy in kitchen. They wash well in dishwasher. I have a set of four and love having a set. You could also use them to serve appetizers, etc. Highly recommended.

2018-08-05         Reply (0)


Great! I meant to get a little bigger but these are still great!

2018-08-28         Reply (0)

Susan Kluthon

Perfect size for special dished. Because view values.

2018-08-29         Reply (0)

granny judy

One of them had minor finishing issue but i love them. Just so nice to serve food in these plates.

2016-09-10         Reply (0)

Amazon Customer

Great serving plates for multi purpose use. I've been in the process of updating my dishes set and came across these as a great addition. I didn't realize they were actually called serving plates till after I ordered them, but that didn't put a damper on my plans to use them. I've ised them as both a serving plate as well as an actual dinner plate. I do wish it were a little larger, but it does the job it needs to do. They are porcelain and very sturdy. They don't weigh a lot, but they have some weight to them making them easy to use when cutting food. I used a knife on these plates and there were no marks or any damage that was visible to me. They are very appliance friendly. They worked great in the microwave as well as the dishwasher. Clean up of these plates is a breeze, they wipe off super easy. I love that these are white and can go with anything I choose for a dishes set. Overall, serving plate or regular plate, this dish gets the job done. It comes in a set of four, which means I will have to order another one to accommodate my larger family, but that's not an issue. I received this product at a discounted price in exchange for my honest review of the item.

2016-08-03         Reply (0)


They're real nice but my wife ordered the wrong size. They're real nice but my wife ordered the wrong size. the one's we have are a little bigger and I didn't see them anymore. she decided to keep them anyway.

2018-03-20         Reply (0)


Expertly Packed! I love these plates! They came packaged extremely well. The size and quality of the platters are perfect for cheese and crackers. I have even eaten Pasta with meatballs on them. I do believe that I will be buying more of their products.

2018-01-13         Reply (0)

O G Nana

Good quality and mixes well with other dishes. So happy with these little plates. As a single person my meals are often simple, plus I am trying to eat reasonable portions and these plates are the perfect solution. I also love that they complement my other dishes so nicely. They are a bright, white and have held up well in my dishwasher.

2018-02-11         Reply (0)

Mother Of Hope

Highly recommended. Exactly as expected. I’m putting together a Dowan set a few pieces at a time. I will continue to buy this brand. The dishes are always well packaged; all have arrived unbroken and in great shape; and, they look great!

2018-04-01         Reply (0)


Great Value, Tons of Use. Just as expected. Really classic looking, really useful. Use for dessert, lunch plate (perfect for half sandwich and handful of chips) or appetizer plates. Nice design & THE PRICE IS RIGHT!! Will definitely be getting another set.

2017-08-16         Reply (0)


Serving Platters. They are beautiful. I really enjoy serving snacks and meals on these. The customer service of this company is fantastic! I highly recommend Dowan items!

2017-05-10         Reply (0)


Love these plates. Love these plates. I recently got into homemade sushi preparation and these were just what we needed to make the meal look authentic. For some reason, sushi and Pioneer Woman plates don't look right together. The quality of the plates is good and they are uniform in size. I ordered a second set so we can host larger gatherings. Overall, I definitely recommend them.

2017-02-14         Reply (0)


Stunning! I love the DOWAN 9.7-inch Porcelain Serving Platters/Plates - Set of 4, in white! They came nicely packaged, no damage and stylish- for any kitchen. Very versatile, they go easily from the refrigerator, microwave to oven. Very versatile, and ideal for entertaining for any occasion. From gourmet presentations to veggies, appetizers, brunch, bread, or desserts. Multi-use. High quality, and an excellent value. I also purchased the DOWAN 4 oz Porcelain Ramekins/Souffle Dish/Dipping Bowls, Set of 6, White which made for a great pair. Both look great on my shelves with all my white dishes, glassware, cookbooks and silk greenery.

2017-11-21         Reply (0)

Judith D. Collins

Just perfect! At first, I thought these were going to be way too small. But it just goes to show how skewed perceptions can be, as these held more than enough food I should have eaten in a single breakfast serving, LOL. The clean up easily, stack and store perfectly, and can be easily mixed and matched.

2017-01-27         Reply (0)

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