DOWAN® 22oz Porcelain Soup/Cereal Bowls - 4 Packs, White
DOWAN® 22oz Porcelain Soup/Cereal Bowls - 4 Packs, White
DOWAN® 22oz Porcelain Soup/Cereal Bowls - 4 Packs, White
DOWAN® 22oz Porcelain Soup/Cereal Bowls - 4 Packs, White
DOWAN® 22oz Porcelain Soup/Cereal Bowls - 4 Packs, White
DOWAN® 22oz Porcelain Soup/Cereal Bowls - 4 Packs, White

DOWAN® 22oz Porcelain Soup/Cereal Bowls - 4 Packs, White

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Elegant enough for entertaining and still simple enough for everyday use, these 22oz white porcelain bowls fuse functional design with minimalist style. You'll find yourself using these round bowls at every meal. From cereal in the morning, to soup at lunch to ice cream for dessert, and salad or pasta at dinner. All in white color, they can easily coordinate with your other dinnerware or tableware in a harmonious way!


• Made of FDA approved porcelain (LEAD FREE), safe and healthy;
• Stackable to save cupboard space, while easy coordinate with your other dinnerware;
• Microwave, oven, freezer and dishwasher safe;
• 22oz, suitable for family dinner, food storage, breakfast cereal, restaurant serving, party sauce/dipping, holiday gifts/promotions, home decoration and DIY material;
• 30-day break-and-chip warranty.


ALL BONE CHINA, PORCELAIN AND STONEWARE CAN BE BROKEN and care should be taken in handling. DOWAN® tableware items are dishwasher safe. While washing them in the dishwasher, please load the items to avoid bumping against other items during cycle.

DOWAN® 22oz Porcelain Soup/Cereal Bowls - 4 Packs, White

DOWAN® 22oz Porcelain Soup/Cereal Bowls - 4 Packs, White


DOWAN® porcelain, AB-grade porcelain verified by quality inspection authority, is high fired at 1308℃ to achieve excellent toughness, strength, and translucence. Dense porcelain blocks moisture absorption to prevent cracking, crazing and rippling, perfectly suited for daily dining, serving, entertaining, gifting and more.


The smooth, impermeable glaze on the surface resists staining and easily releases food, making cleanup a breeze.


Designed for modern day living, DOWAN® porcelain tableware is “oven-to-table”, microwave, and dishwasher safe. Because it resists stains and odors, it’s ideal for storing foods in the refrigerator or freezer.

Why choose porcelain?

Unlike wood and plastic, porcelain does not absorb bacteria or smells, ensuring food tastes fresh and crisp. While compared with stainless steel, porcelain is strong and feels comfortable and warm, never denting or deforming.

Q:Where are these bowls made?

Nana Mama    2017-07-07

Q:Are these microwave safe?

A:Yes! They are real bowls.
ChristyP    2016-07-25

Q:How wide are these bowls?

A:They are a nice width just not so deep.
Laclair Williams    2018-02-20

A:Not sure. I bought them as a gift.
AHC    2018-02-20

A:6 inches
Judy    2018-02-26



Really Nice Everyday Bowls. I bought the six-inch bowls. I see different people saying the bowls are tiny, but those are reviews of the 4.5 inch bowls. This six-inch size is a reasonable size for soup, cereal, or ice cream. If you want a big soup bowl, l'd recommend going with a 7 inch bowl. The bowls I bought hold about 20 ounces to the brim, so 12-14 ounces easily. They stack well--see photos--and are a lovely creamy white like the Dowan plates. I haven't tried them in the microwave yet, but expect no problems.

2016-03-13         Reply (0)


A virtual duplicate of Mikasa bowls but for much less money! We bought Mikasa coma from Costco several years ago and love the simplicity of the dinnerware. The bowls however have been vanishing one by one so when I looked for replacements I was shocked to see the price of the authentic Mikasa bowls!These were recommended and much less expensive and what do you know, a virtually exact replica of our current bowls but for half of the price (or less)!I definitely recommend; they are great sized bowls for soup, salad, cereal or everyday.They stack well (aren't too snug as to get stuck in one another) and come very well protected in the box.

2018-02-25         Reply (0)

Kellie H

Great Bowls. I bought these bowls to replace some plastic bowls that I purchased for my kids when they were younger because they broke other bowls, Now that they are older, I was ready to purchase a quality bow, that I could be proud to pull out of my cabinets. The quality of the bowls is very high and they look great. They hold a good amount of cereal, ice cream, and other items. I would definitely recommend these bowls to others. I plan on purchasing more Dowan products for my kitchen to replace items that I can trust my kids with now that they are older.

2017-01-08         Reply (0)

K. T

Salad, soup or anything! I mist admit I was scared to purchase however once I opened the package I was impressed with the size and weight of these bowls. I will purchase another set!

2017-11-13         Reply (0)

Uncle Bob

lovely creamy white. these are a lovely creamy white. I like the color even better than the fortessa fortaluxe dishes that I bought these to go with. the fortessa has a slightly more grey tone, but really the color difference is very slight. lovely bowls. not inexpensive but very nice quality. I will be ordering from this company again in the future.

2018-02-06         Reply (0)


Nice size for the he-man cereal either. Nice size for the he-man cereal either. They weigh less than I expected. They are nice simple and elegant bowls. A full can of Campbell's chunky, or Progress ready to eat soup fit easily in the bowl.

2017-07-04         Reply (0)

Wanda Headley

I love these simple bowls. I love these simple bowls. They go well with the other dishes and they are not too big, so it helps me with portion control ;) Easy to clean, easy to use in the microwave, would definitely repurchase in the future if I need to.

2018-02-24         Reply (0)

Sharon L. Seidel

Soup is on! I love cobalt blue and I love large soup/cereal bowls. These look beautiful with an all white place setting. Great for a nice big serving of salad too.

2018-01-14         Reply (0)

S M.

Perfect size for so many uses!!! Perfect size!! High Quality! Love these bowls!! and wish everyone would pack their product like these people do!!! The bowls are perfect for so many things!! cereal, pasta, ice cream, salad! Dishwasher safe and sturdy!!!!

2016-12-15         Reply (0)


Very impressed with the beauty, style, and porcelain quality. The fact that the promotional offers were not applicable with no way to know that until checkout distressed me since I bought a set of the soup spoons(which I LOVE)to qualify for the 50% off promotion. I need to budget and it was my first time buying DOWAN. I will look out for their offers and buy more. Sheila M.

2018-04-17         Reply (0)


Great for soup and cereal, get a bit hot in the microwave. These are my go to bowls for soup and cereal. They are fairly thin, so they can get hot in the microwave. Definitely better for cooler foods.

2017-11-09         Reply (0)


Good Bowls. Very good bowls for the price. Holding up well so far. Nice size.

2017-06-21         Reply (0)

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