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DOWAN® 12 Pack Soup Spoons, White Bone China
DOWAN® 12 Pack Soup Spoons, White Bone China
DOWAN® 12 Pack Soup Spoons, White Bone China
DOWAN® 12 Pack Soup Spoons, White Bone China
DOWAN® 12 Pack Soup Spoons, White Bone China
DOWAN® 12 Pack Soup Spoons, White Bone China

DOWAN® 12 Pack Soup Spoons, White Bone China

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The most cost effective soup spoon set in the market, made of bone china (thinner and whiter, much more translucent than porcelain, even light can pass through it), is of the high grade restaurant quality.
• Made of FDA approved porcelain (LEAD FREE), safe and healthy;
• Easy to store for its flat bottom, and the small hole on the handle is used to hang;
• Microwave, oven, freezer and dishwasher safe;
• Stackable to save cupboard space, while easy coordinate with your other dinnerware;
• 5.3-inch, great for both adults and kids, multi-functional for soup, cereal, dips, condiments, homemade chili, etc.;
• 30-day break-and-chip warranty.
ALL BONE CHINA, PORCELAIN AND STONEWARE CAN BE BROKEN and care should be taken in handling. DOWAN® tableware items are dishwasher safe. While washing them in the dishwasher, please load the items to avoid bumping against other items during cycle.
• DO NOT use on direct heating source, such as stovetop, open flames, etc.
• AVOID sudden temperature changes.
• DO NOT heat an empty item or heat a small amount of food in a large dish in a microwave oven. It may become too hot to handle, crack or break.
• DO NOT overheat oil or butter in microwave. Use minimum amount of cooking time.
• DO NOT use or repair any item that is chipped, cracked, or severely scratched. Damaged items may break or shatter without warning.
• DO NOT abuse by dropping or hitting against a hard object.

DOWAN® 12 Pack Soup Spoons, White Bone China

DOWAN® 12 Pack Soup Spoons, White Bone China

DOWAN® bone china, the strongest of the porcelain or china, is light, thin and translucent (allow bright light to pass through it), yet still resisting chips and breaks. Dense bone china blocks moisture absorption to prevent cracking, crazing and rippling, perfectly suited for daily dining, serving, entertaining, gifting and more.
The smooth, impermeable glaze on the surface resists staining and easily releases food, making cleanup a breeze.
Designed for modern day living, DOWAN® bone china tableware is “oven-to-table”, microwave, and dishwasher safe. Because it resists stains and odors, it’s ideal for storing foods in the refrigerator or freezer.

Q:What are the dimensions of this item?

A:They are 5 inches in length and 1 1/2 inches at the widest part of the spoon. I think they are great, but would be cool if the handle were a bit longer like a regular spoon.
Am9    2015-09-12

Q:What are they made of?

A:a ceramic material. not fragile, but would definitely shatter if you smashed it with something.
NYCMikeM4    2016-06-21

A:Dear Shaunia, They are made of bone china.
DOWANHOME SELLER    2017-08-23

Q:If used for tray passed appetizers, do they stand up on their own without falling over?

A:They are soup spoons and they do sit flat as seen in picture.
Mike    2017-04-28

A:If you mean "stand up" you mean does the spoon sit level when it is set on a flat surface, yes. The are good quality and a good size.
Couch potato    2017-04-29

Q:made in what country

Nana    2018-05-06

Q:If used for tray passed appetizers, do they stand up on their own without falling over?

A:Yes. Hey stand on their own. They are very small.
Kathleen B. Stanton    2017-04-28

A:yes they do. the bottom is flat works well.
dickens10    2017-04-28

Q:What is bone china mean?

A:Bone china is a type of soft-paste porcelain that is composed of bone ash, feldspathic material, and kaolin. It has been defined as ware with a translucent body containing a minimum of 30% of phosphate derived from animal bone and calculated calcium phosphate. ‎Bone ash Soft-paste porcelain · ‎Hard-paste porcelain.
Couch potato    2017-06-06

A:Fairly delicate clean white china.
Nana    2017-06-06



Great Value Buy. Great for the price point, a bit shallow for my liking, but worth a buy for sure. Not sure on overall durability and accidental drops just yet, growing up with these, I understand that they won't all survive.

2018-04-02         Reply (0)


They're small. The product itself is great quality but honestly they were really small. if you ordered wonton soup from your local Chinese food restaurant it would barely hold one wonton if you're lucky. If you're looking for a typical miso soup style spoon go elsewhere as these are small.

2018-09-09         Reply (0)


soup spoons. Very happy with my purchase, overall. I use these spoons often and always toss them in the dishwasher with the regular silverware. I've only had one instance of one of the spoons showing a tiny chip in part of the handle. But other than that they have been a great purchase!

2018-10-10         Reply (0)


Very Nice! Very nice porcelain spoons! Delicate so handle with care when washing or putting away.

2018-09-17         Reply (0)


Sturdy, dishwashes well.Shallow but does the job. Sturdy, dishwashes well.

2018-07-07         Reply (0)


Perfect spoons. These are so nice. Exactly what I wanted. Time to make some soup

2018-05-25         Reply (0)


Great spoons. They arrived in good condition. They’re a little short but If you can eat pho with chopsticks these are easy ;) I actually use them more than my ‘normal’ spoons now...

2018-04-11         Reply (0)

Sally Eames

Perfect for soup. Arrived very quickly! Quality product at a reasonable price. Perfect for soup, noodles, etc. Maybe a tad smaller than expected, but nicely weighted. Definitely will enjoy using these spoons!

2018-02-08         Reply (0)

Arielle Ru

Great spoons and a good deal, too. At a little bit over a buck a spoon, these are a much better deal than the melamine and plastic spoons I can get in my local Asian markets. These spoons are great for soup, stew, dishing out vegetables and berries, etc. These are very light and were well-packed. Recommended.

2018-01-26         Reply (0)

Daniel W. Ball

I occasionally fix oriental food for family and I was looking for a spoon for soup. These were promptly shipped, well packaged and exactly what I was expecting from item description. Please keep in mind that these are oriental style so do not have a long arm.

2015-10-05         Reply (0)


Very nice little smaller than what I expected but they look very good on the table.

2016-11-08         Reply (0)

Victor S. Raj

Absolute must for soup! Different experience when drinking soup with this spoon as opposed to a regular tablespoon. Much more enjoyable dining experience.

2017-07-23         Reply (0)


Good, inexpensive set. Always wanted these; and the set was cheap and nice.

2018-02-28         Reply (0)


Xellent value for the price! Exceedingly delicate in appearance; very sturdy & comfortably held. Far superior to Western style metallic soup spoons! Pattern free to verify that the spoon is clean. Handle has a small hole for havnging on a cup hook as these are best not delicate to tossed into the spoon tray. Sweet!

2016-05-19         Reply (0)

Amazon Customer(12)

The best spoons I've found so far! Way better than plastic and won't heat up the way metal does. These spoons are about 5" long. The "ladle" itself is deep enough to hold broth yet small enough to fit comfortably in your mouth. They're great for soup, although I mostly use them for cereal. They have a small hole on the end of the handle for handing. I attached a small "S" hook and now they stay secure in my bowl. Good size for most adults, but I don't recommend them for kids as they are ceramic. Would definitely buy again!

2015-12-28         Reply (0)

Bella Bella 2012

Love these Beautiful display.

2017-09-14         Reply (0)

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