DOWAN® 10-Ounce Porcelain Bowl Set - 6 Packs, White
DOWAN® 10-Ounce Porcelain Bowl Set - 6 Packs, White
DOWAN® 10-Ounce Porcelain Bowl Set - 6 Packs, White
DOWAN® 10-Ounce Porcelain Bowl Set - 6 Packs, White
DOWAN® 10-Ounce Porcelain Bowl Set - 6 Packs, White
DOWAN® 10-Ounce Porcelain Bowl Set - 6 Packs, White
DOWAN® 10-Ounce Porcelain Bowl Set - 6 Packs, White

DOWAN® 10-Ounce Porcelain Bowl Set - 6 Packs, White

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Serve up your delicious desserts in white top quality dessert bowls! Perfect to present your dessert creations in style and contrast colors (white porcelain sets off other colors excellently at any time), our dessert bowls are sure to please, also great for entertaining. Impress your guests at your next function with desserts beautifully presented in your darling dessert bowls!


• Made of FDA approved porcelain (LEAD-FREE), safe and healthy;

• Double-insulated bowl wall, won’t get burning hot when microwaved;

• Microwave, oven, freezer, and dishwasher safe;

• 4.1-inch, perfect diet control size for an individual soup, cereal, salad, pasta, snack, ice cream, or even high-calorie food;

• 30-day break-and-chip warranty.


ALL BONE CHINA, PORCELAIN AND STONEWARE CAN BE BROKEN and care should be taken in handling. DOWAN® tableware items are dishwasher safe. While washing them in the dishwasher, please load the items to avoid bumping against other items during cycle.

DOWAN® 10-Ounce Porcelain Bowl Set - 6 Packs, White

DOWAN® 10-Ounce Porcelain Bowl Set - 6 Packs, White



DOWAN® porcelain, AB-grade porcelain verified by quality inspection authority, is high fired at 1307℃ to achieve excellent toughness, strength, and translucence. Dense porcelain blocks moisture absorption to prevent cracking, crazing and rippling, perfectly suited for daily dining, serving, entertaining, gifting and more.


The smooth, impermeable glaze on the surface resists staining and easily releases food, making cleanup a breeze.


Designed for modern day living, DOWAN® porcelain tableware is “oven-to-table”, microwave, and dishwasher safe. Because it resists stains and odors, it’s ideal for storing foods in the refrigerator or freezer.

Why choose porcelain?

Unlike wood and plastic, porcelain does not absorb bacteria or smells, ensuring food tastes fresh and crisp. While compared with stainless steel, porcelain is strong and feels comfortable and warm, never denting or deforming.

Q:Where are these manufactured? Thank you!

A:Hi, Customer. The bowls are made in China.
DOWANHOME SELLER    2016-11-18

Q:Do these bowls get hot when used in the microwave?

A:We use them for ice cream. However, I just put one in the microwave for 45 seconds and it was only slightly warm.
Jim    2016-08-31

A:Yup they do
Supreeth    2016-08-30

Q:freezer safe?

A:I haven't tried putting them in the freezer yet, however they do seem sturdy enough to be freezer safe.
Harry    2016-08-28

A:I do not know about putting in freezer..... I need to try this evening, and I can tell you this Wednesday~! I can have put it in my refrigerator and there is no problem~!
VivianLi    2016-08-29

A:Hi,Customer, Yes,it is freezer safe.
DOWANHOME SELLER    2016-11-22

Q:Can they be used under a broiler

A:Yes, porcelain can be used under a broiler and with high heat generally. Porcelain is created in heat of around 2300 degrees F so it is well used to being hot. I have not done it with these bowls but they should be totally fine.
By Brandon on February 14, 2018    2018-02-14

Q:Do you need to take the stickers off before using?

A:Do not remember having to remove stickers from the bowls upon arrival. If there were stickers, had no problem removing them!
Ranger    2018-02-27

Q:are these bowls stackable?

A:Absolutely. They are wonderfully functional to measure cooking items, use as small snack bowls or for dips.
MLinVA    2017-07-21

A:Yes...up to a point. Because they are so cute and round 4 is the limit,then the stack begins to tilt. In my cabinet there are two stacks, 4 in each, side by side.
Martha lee    2017-07-21

Q:Can I coordinate these bowls with correlle dinnerset? I have a white one but the set didnot have small bowls.

A:Yes. They are not as lightweight as Correlle, but they are delicate enough to match.
Grandma    2017-11-21

Q:is there any certification for this bowl

A:What certification are you looking for? They are ceramic, sturdy, but small. Perfect for single servings.
Bridget Kaub    2017-11-04

A:Hi dear customer: Yes , our bowls are AB-Grade porcelain, FDA approved, Cadmium and LEAD free, microwave, oven, refrigerator and dishwasher safe.
DOWANHOME SELLER    2017-11-15

A:I'm not sure what you're referring to, unless whether they're food safe, which I just assumed they are, so you're correct to question. I've had these bowls a few weeks am very pleased with them....
Mrs.TL Kaz    2017-11-04

Q:Are these durable enough for children?

A:They have been so far. We have 3 children ages 3.5, 15, and 17.
Amazon Customer    2017-02-06

A:I don't think they would be. They are very nice, but I don't think they are really suited for kids use.
Kristen A.    2017-02-06



This is a very beautiful set of bowl. I love it! It definitely is perfect for my family of 6.

2018-03-06         Reply (0)


Good-quality porcelain bowls! This 6-set of porcelain bowls arrived in good condition. I give these bowls a 5-star rating for their attractive design, durability, functionality, and value for money. I like the bowls attractive glossy porcelain and what's nice is that they are made from non-toxic porcelain. I am pleased that they are oven-safe, dishwasher-safe, and microwave-safe. These bowls are easy to wash and easy to store. They are the great size (right width and depth) for individual serving of cereal, soup, ice cream, dessert, etc. They're great for serving food to my guests at home and they also look pretty in my kitchen cabinet. I've been using these bowls everyday and I'm one satisfied customer.

2017-05-17         Reply (0)

ToJo Shoppn&Shippn

Quality and value. Way better than those small glass ramekins. We were looking to replace our smaller glass bowls for use in cooking and baking. However, when I cam across these we recognized the inherent value in purchasing porcelain that held more ounces. They are durable, and a good value for your money. We have yet to have one break. Genuine porcelain is stronger than glass and stoneware, but simultaneously stronger. When we decide we want more, this will definitely be our purchase of choice.

2017-10-20         Reply (0)


great! i really like these bowls. they are similar in capacity to chinese rice bowls. These fit well in my hand, works great for feeding my baby, as a snack dish, for fruits etc.. good value for the quality. Item was well packaged. arrived intact

2017-06-26         Reply (0)


Small bowls, great value. All bowls came securely boxed and intact. Fast shipping. There are some bumps and imperfections in the porcelain glaze, but they're unnoticeable and don't affect function. Great size and simple design.

2017-03-02         Reply (0)


Love em, new go to bowl! These are perfect icecream, soup, snack bowls - I use these more than my every day bowls (except for cereal, they're a little small for cereal bowls but probably a healthier portion size). Only qualm is they don't nest together at all - thought I could make it work but no - need a small storage container to keep em neat in the cupboard. But I have bonorobably using them for company, they're solid enough for every day use, and nice enough for guests! Love em!

2016-11-14         Reply (0)


Nice item for price. These bowls are perfect for cereal servings, dessert servings, and for coloring Ester eggs, and arts and crafts. Perfect for company use and for everyday use. Wash nice in the dishwasher as well as hand wash. Very pleased with product.

2017-11-08         Reply (0)


Nice quality, nice customer service! These are very nice quality bowls. Solid and thick, smooth porcelain finish. They don't nestle tightly in stacking, but it is because of the thickness of bowls, not lack of quality. The company's customer service was above and beyond with me. Good correspondence and service! The small egg spoons are adorable for serving small size toppings like nuts, sprinkles, etc. They sent me some and I love 'em! As for people saying they are too small...It does state clearly 10 oz. :)

2016-12-29         Reply (0)

L. M. Bernhardt

I love these bowls! I love these bowls. They're just the right size for good portion control, the design is clean and simple, they clean up nicely in the dishwasher, they work perfectly in the microwave, and they're sturdy enough that I'm not too terribly worried about breaking them. I use them daily, and so far they've held up well to regular use.

2017-08-18         Reply (0)

Jean Fetzer

These are great for ice cream too. These are cute! I saved the butter tubs for portion controlled bowl of cereal. Regular cereal bowls have you filling it (almost 3cups!). We ałl know you cant just put a small amount of food in a large bowl! Thrse are great for ice cream too.. oh and a plus for my four yr old granddaughter

2017-11-04         Reply (0)

Julie Ambrose

Great bowls. Came packaged well. Great bowls. Came packaged well. They are too small for cereal bowls. They would be great for salsa or other side dips.

2017-03-21         Reply (0)

Amazon Customer(10)

If you are looking for desert dishes these are excellent. I ordered 2 sets and rhey are perfect. The white is a bone white and go with my china and casual enough to go with everyday dishes. I highly recommend.

2017-04-13         Reply (0)

Douglas Barrow

Excellent for Side Dishes. I really like these little bowls. I use them for side dishes like green beans, baked beans, peas, etc. They are easy to clean and stack 3 high in any cabinet.

2017-04-28         Reply (0)


I really like them though and they are perfect for the kids ...These bowls are small. I didn’t realize it when I ordered them. I really like them though and they are perfect for the kids and myself. My husband just needs something bigger.

2018-01-05         Reply (0)

Hana Bora

I love these little bowls They hold just about the same amount of food as my larger bowls but take up less space in my cabinet They clean well in the dishwasher too I’m very very happy with this purchase and highly recommend to all

2018-03-27         Reply (0)


Beautiful bowls.I bought these 10oz bowls for my kids, they are just perfect size for ice cream or sauce dip serving, great!

2017-12-22         Reply (0)


these are small bowls, which I didn't realize. other than that, which isn't their fault. they are lovely.

2018-01-08         Reply (0)

Amazon Customer(10.1)

Great little bowls. I just love these little bowls. They are so stylish and functional. They're good for small servings. I use them for my morning oatmeal, yogurt, ice cream, and soup.

2017-10-30         Reply (0)


Simple, elegant and functional. I am very pleased with these small bowls. They are exactly what I needed for au jus for french dip sandwiches. They hold up well to microwave and dishwasher. Great price for simple, elegant and functional. They were well-packaged and arrived quickly.

2017-08-09         Reply (0)

Amazon Customer(10.2)

The perfect breakfast bowl. These bowls are the perfect size for almost everything. They are just right for soup, cereal, or even poached eggs. On top of all of that, they are beautiful, simple and light. They just fit my hand. I couldn't do without them.

2017-04-08         Reply (0)


Great find! These bowls are a perfect size for fruit and dessert. They are pretty, sturdy, as well as functional. Great value for such a fine set of bowls!

2017-09-05         Reply (0)


These are the perfect size--we are replacing some almost identical to these that we've broken over the years. We use them all the time for a small cup of soup, for dips and sauces, lots of uses. Love!

2018-03-30         Reply (0)


Nice bowls. Look as good as in the picture this are pretty cute bowls you can use them for soup good quality bowls i like it came packaged so nice and got here safe.

2017-05-10         Reply (0)


These are cute little snack balls is what I will call them because they're perfect for snacks such as peanuts almonds fruits candy ice cream yogurt and so on. I love them got a money lightning deal and they are perfect not so big not so small just right and won't take up space.

2018-05-30         Reply (0)


Perfect for ice cream. These are super cute, sleek and not thimble size like some of these send up being. I took a picture with my hand for scale so you can see the size and quality of these bowls. I received this at a discount in exchange for my honest review. I only leave honest reviews of things I actually want to buy and need. My reviews are 100% honest even when poor.

2016-08-04         Reply (0)


Excellent For Snacks Or Service Of An Appetizer Soup...I like these Dowan Porcelain 10oz Rice Bowls/Cereal Bowls (Set of 6) because of their compact form and portion sizing. Just out of the box, I like the finish and that they were very well packaged (no cracks or chips). In my house, dishes have to be okay to go in the dishwasher because I love to know that they are sanitized. That is the first thing I did with these (top rack for me) and they came out just fine. The bowls are about 4" across and 2" in depth, great for soups, small serving of ice cream, and when I don't have my ginormous bowls of cereal and choose to eat with moderation. I think these are great for portion control, but not skimpy in size. I'm not a big fan of microwaves, but I did heat up some leftovers in the bowl and it came out fine. Overall, very happy with the set, great size and nice glazed finish.

2016-08-28         Reply (0)


Good for dessert, too small for soup. Fairly decent bowls for the price, but ended up being too small for soup bowls, which I had hoped to use them for. So hard to evaluate the size of these things on the Internet. Better for a little bit of rice putting or a small bowl of fruit, dessert bowls in other words.

2018-04-03         Reply (0)


Nice porcelain bowls. I like these because they coordinate with my Mikasa white porcelain dinnerware. They are a bit smaller than I expected, but I'm keeping them anyway. Arrived quickly and packaged well. No breakage in shipment. Very pleased to use a small ice cream bowl.

2018-03-20         Reply (0)

Slathered in Gravy

Great size for when you need something smaller than a cereal bowl but bigger than a ramekin. We use it for sauces or very small portions of side items.

2018-01-29         Reply (0)


smaller than expected, expected a normal type sized bowl, but these are smaller, but still a nice small bowl.

2018-04-22         Reply (0)


the bowl set is just what I was looking for I am using for a purpose that other bowls cost this price for 1...very happy.

2017-10-10         Reply (0)


Great Meal Prep Bowls. Not the best quality (some chips on the bottom), but perfect for what I needed in terms of meal prep and small snacks.

2017-05-28         Reply (0)

Amazon Customer(10.3)

Just right! These little bowls were just what I wanted. The perfect size to keep portions in control, plus they are great for dips and condiments. They were packed with great care and they look beautiful. They haven't chipped in my dishwasher. The only reason I didn't give them a 5 star was because they don't stack perfectly when stored.

2017-10-13         Reply (0)

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