DOWAN community is composed of 4 sections, kitchen style, recipes, forum and blog.

Kitchen Style section is where members can find the latest trendy kitchen design or kitchen decoration, and it’s also a place for members to share their own kitchen pictures or their favorite kitchen design (while posting picture from other website, please make sure that you have get the permission of the website owner).


Recipes section is a place where members can find and share recipes, and communicate and make friends with other recipe creators or food lovers.


Forum section is a very active place where you can post almost anything that is allowed by Community Rules. Before you post a thread in the forum, please read the Community Rules. Any thread in violation of the Community Rules will not be approved, and member who post such thread will have his/her member points lost.   


Blog section is where you can find DOWAN’s latest news and stories, promotions and contests. And we also accept family-friendly guest post in blog section. 


Any time you find a recipe, a kitchen picture, a thread or a blog you like, please don’t forget to click the “like” button or give the owner a reply to help him/her to earn member points.


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