Frequently Asked Questions about DOWAN

1. Where does DOWAN come from?

DOWAN comes from Chaozhou China, the home of ceramics.

2. Can DOWAN products go safe in microwave and oven?

Yes, all DOWAN bone china/porcelain/stoneware products are microwave and oven safe. They are high fired in kiln at over 1000 degrees celsius in production, which offers them high strength and heat resistance, so please feel free to use them in microwave and oven.

3. Are DOWAN products dishwasher safe?

Yes, all DOWAN bone china/porcelain/stoneware products are dishwasher safe.

4. Are DOWAN products LEAD FREE?

Yes, all DOWAN products are FDA approved “LEAD FREE”.

5. How’s the quality of DOWAN product?

We ensure our product quality is equal to or even better than those sold in T.J. Maxx or Macy’s. If you’re hesitate because of the product quality, you can apply for a free sample on our website for seeing and feeling DOWAN product by yourself. Moreover, you can also directly place an order, since we offer 100% customer satisfactory shopping experience. If you’re not happy with the product, we will offer you a refund or replacement..

6. Can I buy DOWAN products in physical store?

Sorry, right now we don’t have physical store in USA and UK. You can buy DOWAN products on or on Amazon.